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TWC 2008 preparations blog2008-02-18 06:24:32
I will post newsletters regarging this years renju Team World Championships here. If you have questions or comments regarding organizing, here is another channel to get your word out.. :D


News No. 244, 2008-04-18
Published by Jussi Ikonen


Now there are only nine days until the tournament! At this moment, on behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to mention that we are really enthusiastically waiting for your arrival and getting this event started! :) There are couple of things I would like to inform about at this point.

We have gotten player introductions requested in a previous newsletter from only Sweden and Estonia so far. If other team captains would be so kind and send me their teams’ introduction we would really appreciate it. We will publish the player introductions at for the fans (and also for press usage) before the event.

Opening ceremony will be held at the Schools auditorium in Sunday starting at 18:30. The doors will be open from 18:00, so we wish everyone will show up in time for the ceremony.

The RIF meeting on Saturday will be held in a Bowling place where we have booked a meeting room for up to 20 seats. We will have few laptops with GPRS connection with us in case there is a need for instant messenger calls during the meeting. We have booked the meeting room from 12:00 noon to 15:30. After that we will move to the bowling section for a very special bowling experience for two hours! More about the bowling place here:

During the tournament we also sell renju equipment and other material to players and fans. We can offer great value for products with all price ranges; from cheapest boards, stones and magnetic sets to high quality products (famous Yun-Zi stones and electric clocks). We also have few collectors’ items (three sets of luxurious clamshell stones) for the taste of true renju enthusiasts! This is a great opportunity to renew your personal home game equipments, or upgrade your clubs tools. We will give 20 percent of the sales profit to the RIF Youth Fund! If you have any questions about the products, feel free to ask before the event or during it.. :)

For more, please visit the TWC preparations blog at:





As the registration date for the TWC is getting closer (26.2.) I saw appropriate to send a newsletter to announce some of the recent developments and remind some of the most important matters..

First of all, I would like to remind teams to make sure their accommodation and visa matters are in order. Teams that are staying at the Ava hotel should make their reservations ASAP, if they wish to use the quota we have reserved. The quota is lost after 26.2. Teams that are planning on staying at the Keijohostel please let me know the names and durations of stay and I will make the booking collectively at 26.2.

We have set a tournament fee for the event tournaments. The main tournament has a fee of 100€ per team and the open tournament is 20€ per player. If a team has only 3 players, we can agree for discount. The tournament fee enables us to provide participants with an official TWC08 t-skirt, coffee & snacks and naturally prices for winners..

An official TWC web site is now open for public! The site can be found at . We will use the site together with RenjuNet services to inform about the event.

Last but not least the organizing committee requests the teams to send us player introduction materials. This material will be published at the TWC web site and the printed event info letter. We wish to receive following information about teams players:

- Personal data: name, age, country & town
- Post at the team (captain, player or reserve player)
- Renju Dan/Kyu rank and achievements
- Expectation for this tournament
- Future goals in renju
- Free word
- Picture    

Please send the following information to the organizing committee as soon as possible (preferably no later than the end of March 2008).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Jussi Ikonen
Tournament Director
Renju TWC 2008 Organizing Committee




By now several teams and countries have expressed their interest for the event. We are very glad about this. We have set the final signup date for the main tournament to be two months prior to the event (26.2.2008). This date is also the last date for the hotel/hostel reservation confirmation. Please let us know your plan on participation as soon as possible.

If you need invitation letter for visa, please send e-mail to Mr. Kari Haikonen:  
Please include following information in the e-mail for speed up the process:  
- Your full name  
- Your passport number  
- Your nationality  
- Your registered address in your home country  
Also, please include the address where you want us to send the invitation letter to.


Jussi Ikonen
TWC 2008 organizing committee



News No. 219, 2008-01-05, RENJU TWC 2008 HELSINKI (27.4.-2.5.2008)


As decided at Tyumen last year, Finland will be the host of this year’s TWC (Renju Team Championships) event. Preparations for the event are well in progress and now I am pleased to send this newsletter with preliminary and basic information. More information will follow as we get closer to the event.

Here is the current schedule for the event:

26.4-27.4.2008 Arriving and some activities
27.4.2008 Opening ceremony at the evening
28.4-02.5.2008 TWC main tournament (also an open tournament is held during the week)
02.05.2008 Closing ceremony at the evening
03.05-04.05.2008 RIF meeting and some activities, departure

The event will be held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The tournament hall is located in a very focal place (only about 2 km from the centre) and thus it is convenient in many ways (several accommodation options nearby, various transportation options, great entertainment and free time possibilities, etc.). The event is held in the premises of Helsinki Business College (more info and an exact location map:

There are several good accommodation options available for the teams participating. The organizing committee has reserved some rooms from a hotel and a hostel nearby. The reservations are to a period of 26.4-4.5.2008. Teams can reserve their room from the quota for as many rooms and people and for the duration they wish.

The hotel we recommend, Hotel Awa, is located very near the tournament hall (maybe 2 minutes by walk). It is a cozy hotel with a moderately cheap price level compared to other similar hotels in Helsinki. Hotel web site: . We have reserved totally 34 beds from the hotel with following rooms: 6 x single/double, 5 x single/double with a kitchen, 3 x 4 people apartment. The prices can be seen at the web site. If a team chooses this accommodation, they need to make a booking latest at 26.2.2008 (after that date the quota is lost). The team can make the booking via the web site, or sending email to When booking a note “Renju” should be mentioned as well as the arrival time. If the estimated arrival time is later than 6pm, the credit card information is required for the confirmation (standard procedure). The team can pay for the accommodation at the arrival by cash or credit card.      

The hostel we recommend, Keijohostelli, is located nearby (maybe 3 km from the tournament hall). It is a budget choice (maybe the same quality than we have used to in hostels near Kullo, Tallinn). We have reserved 20 beds as follows: 2 x double for €14/per person/night and 4 x four person rooms for €9/per person/night. If a team chooses this option, please let the organizing team know before 26.2.2008 and we will let the hostel know after that date. The rooms can be paid in cash (euros) during arrival.

We wish to invite all renju countries to participate this event and we hope we can offer you an exciting renju experience in Finland! Please let us know if you are interested in this event and please also let us know your choice of accommodation, so we can provide the best assistance. Note: If you wish to choose another accommodation than those introduced above, we are happy to help with booking if needed.

Happy New Year and wish to see you at Helsinki! :)


Jussi Ikonen
TWC 2008 organizing committee


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