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The teams of 5 people2008-03-15 18:38:57
The first page of RenjuNet has been changed a lot. Now there is also a section of INTRODUCTION OF RENJU PLAYERS. Every time people load the first page of RenjuNet, random 5 people will be listed there.

Today when I was loading a page, I suddenly thought of a funny thing - imagine if these ...
Jussi Ikonen2008-03-16 07:00:45
How about this "hand":

Takahiro Kudomi, Kawasaki, Japan
Pavel Salnikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Alexandr Klimashin, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Takashi Sagara, Osaka, Japan
Vladimir Filinov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Unfortunately I saw myself in an othervice really strong lineup.. :D
Ando Meritee2008-03-16 13:02:45
Hahaha, Jussi, you are so funny!! :D
Ando Meritee2008-03-16 13:03:34
And yes, I think your 5 can beat my 5 players.
Aivo Oll2008-03-19 21:49:26
What about this team:
Wu Di
Yoshihiro Iio
Hiroshi Matsuura
Zhu Jianfeng
Mikhail Kozhin
Ando Meritee2008-03-19 22:01:07
Wow, Aivo, your team is much stronger! All 5 players are very stable, I think.
Aivo Oll2008-03-19 22:08:06
Yes, also their average rating is very good - 2365 (better than my current rating :( )
It beats Jussi`s team average of 2326 by far.
Ando Meritee2008-03-19 22:20:17
That is a good method of comparing indeed. I did not even think of that. :) I just evaluate by "feeling". :P
Aivo Oll2008-03-20 06:04:46
This team:
Alexander Klimashin
Evgeniy Bobkov
Vladimir Sushkov
Yusui Yamaguchi
Alexander Radzevelyuk
is even better with an average reiting of 2391.
Jussi Ikonen2008-03-25 04:17:37
Didn´t bother to check theaverage rating for this multinational team, but it seemed rather strong at the first glance..

Vladimir Sushkov Gatchina, Russia
Hideki Nara Yokohama, Japan
Martin Carlsson Jönköping, Sweden
Jinyu Zhang Beijing, China
Andry Purk Tallinn, Estonia

At least it would most propably win Finnish team(s) at the upcoming event.. :P
Ando Meritee2008-04-02 13:16:51
How about this team?

Sergey Olyunin
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Ando Meritee
Tallinn, Estonia

Tunnet Taimla
Tallinn, Estonia

Alexandr Kadulin
Podyuga, Russia

Konstantin Nikonov
Elektrostal, Russia
Weifu Qiu2008-04-02 16:28:56 is too strong to i are very lucky.
Ando Meritee2008-04-02 16:33:31
Haha, yes, it was lucky. Actually I did not notice those 5 names the previous night. I kept the computer open and today morning when i came back to computer I suddenly noticed those 5 names before I closed the browser.
Weifu Qiu2008-04-02 19:34:31
it's exciting,you sure dream a good dream and the dream become ture.
Ando Meritee2008-04-02 20:49:34
Qiu Weifu, when will you write your first blog article? It will be interesting to read. :) Maybe you can write about your games or your interesting experience with ORC or other. :)
Ando Meritee2008-04-03 00:58:25
It is also interesting to compare, which of the well-known search engines can be luckier to get a strong team into their Cached page.

To see which teams they cached, use following steps (example): open then type "renju" into search, and the see listed item, below that link is the sub-link "cached". Open it and you will see if the search engine was lucky to save the strong team into cache or not.

The results:

GOOGLE's team (
Masao Mitsumori
Yusuke Okuno
Tord Andersson
Glen Liventaal
Evgeniy Bobkov

YAHOO's team (
Vladimir Sushkov
Jan Palmgren
Jan Zavadil
Gyu-Hyeon Kim
Hsien-chi Chung

BAIDU's team (
Wenxia Chen
Martin Carlsson
Sou Miyagawa
Suzan Sakamoto
Maris Tuvikene

So what do you think, which search engine made the best team? :)
Weifu Qiu2008-04-03 08:34:37
sorry,my net or computer  has a problem and can't punishthe article.but i can reply.i will change a new computer a few days later.maybe i can slove the probrem.i have interested in writing article about my games and my interesting experience with ORC.:)
Ando Meritee2008-04-03 13:13:56
If the problem is about writing or seeing renju diagrams, then I suggest to check if your browser has Java installed or not. Most commonly, Internet Explorer does not have Java installed, so you could to go to and press "Free Java Download", and then install Java, after that you will see renju diagrams. Other well-known browsers have Java already installed by default (such as Firefox).
Norihiko Kawamura2008-04-10 18:15:06
Anyway, I am glad to find lots of Japanese renju player's name! Thanks!
Oleg Mostovlyansky2008-04-10 19:04:57
>Most commonly, Internet Explorer does not have Java installed

"Java installed" has not browser but OS. In browser Java support can be only enabled or disabled.

Problem is that due to court order M$ must sell (and do this last time) OS (Windows) without own Java VM.

I'm not sure, that other browsers (like FireFox etc.) have some "built-in" VMs... because only Sun has rights to Java (TM).

P.S. Just checked: FireFox (have installed :) ) has only option "Enable Java" and uses installed in OS Java WM.
Ando Meritee2008-04-10 19:13:09
Oleg, thanks for your explanation. However, my message was written in a "simple language", letting people understand what is going on and what to do next, even for those who do not know about computers at all.

If I started from telling the difference between MS VM and Sun Java, and the court ruling why VM was disallowed, etc, it would not help the user at all, but would make user feel further confused.

Sometimes, Oleg, it is better to step out from "technical world" and try to phrase things in easy way.
Ando Meritee2008-05-21 02:33:29
Wei Chen
Beijing, China

Yusuke Okuno
unknown, Japan

Johann Lents
Tallinn, Estonia

Sergey Artemiev
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Aivo Oll
Tallinn, Estonia
Jussi Ikonen2008-07-31 22:33:54
Alexey Potapov
Komsomolsk, Russia

Alexandr Klimashin
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tunnet Taimla
Tallinn, Estonia

Hao Wu
Beijing, China

Xian Song
Beijing, China
Jussi Ikonen2010-07-09 17:54:39
Jianfeng Zhu
Shanghai, China

Bj�rn Lind
Stockholm, Sweden

Yuriy Tarannikov
Moscow, Russia

Hao Wu
Beijing, China

Shigeru Nakamura
Tokyo, Japan
okabe2011-09-01 19:27:32
Alexander Klimashin, Russia
Vladimir Sushkov, Russia
Aivo Oll, Estonia
Takayuki Ono, Japan
Kari Haikonen, Finland

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