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Activities during TWC082008-02-07 00:11:31
Among planning the main tournament, the organizing committee would like to offer some extracurricular activities for the participants..

So far we have gotten ideas for following activities:

blitz tourn (short time renju... maybe with new rules)
poker, poker, poker :D ...
Kari2008-02-07 05:33:41
Comments welcome :). We don't know what people would like to do in Helsinki. It's your chance to make wishes now :)
Ando Meritee2008-02-12 01:35:11
How about some sports events? For example, bowling match between national teams or table-tennis, etc. :)
Jussi Ikonen2008-02-12 03:58:29
Bowling sounds fun... There is a bowling alley quite nearby (1 km from) the tournament hall. The basement is for bowling, at the first floor there is a restaurant and at the second floor a bar, couple of pool tables and a really nice separate room with about 10 leather sofa chairs..

Earlier it has been possible to reserve the second floor for meetings, so I was thinking about having our RIF meeting there on the Saturday 3rd. Perhaps after that we can do some billiards or bowling also..

Table tennis is also nice side activity.. I will ask the principle of the school if they have a table at the school, but I am not too confident about it.

There is also a football field next to the tournament hall and late April it should be warm enough in Finland to do some outside sports also..

Hope players will arrive a few days earlier or stay for a day or two extra after the tournament. This would allow some more opportunities for activities, since there is a fairly busy tournament schedule with the main tournament..
Ales Rybka2008-02-16 02:49:59

I think that some sport activities would be great. I vote for squah. Poker might not be the best choice. I see that poker attracts a lot of renju players and RIF has been loosing good players and good organizaters :-(

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