The Fourth World Renju Open
China, Anji, September 2022 (09-23 - 09-28), Soosyrv-8 rule

Rules of the fourth world Renju open

1、 Sponsor: Renju International Federation

2、 Organizer: Zhejiang Chess Association

Anji County Sports Association

3、 Co organizer: Huzhou Chess Association

Anji County Chess Association

Anji Super smart Renju Club

4、 Date of competition

1. Online games (foreign players) time: August 6-August 8

2. Offline (domestic chess player) time: August 7-august 12

5、 Group

The competition is divided into online (all foreign players) and offline (all Chinese players include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) modes, and online and offline are grouped by age.

Group A: born before 31 December 2006

Group B: born from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2010

Group C: born from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012

Group D: born after January 1st, 2013

6、 Competition arrangement

(1) Online games: On the network platform, the rules of the game are Taraguchi-10, the time of the competition is August 7-8, and online competition is only open to foreign players.

(2) Offline games:

Warm up from August 7 to 8, official competition from August 9 to 12.

The players who participated in the warm-up competition will report in the afternoon on August 6, the competition from July to August 8, the awards will be presented at noon on August 8, the players participating in the formal competition will report in the afternoon on August 8, the competition from August 9 to 12, and the awards will be presented at noon on the 12th. Offline games are only open to domestic players.

7、 Competition method

(1) Warm up game is not divided into two groups, regardless of age. It adopts the rules of the game of Renju, and has no control and starts freely. The official games are divided by age. The sosov-8 rules are adopted in group A, Group B and Group C and Group D adopt the latest Chinese Renju Competition Rules (2013 edition) approved by the Chess and Card Sports Management Center of the State Sports Administration of China, and set the number of points N = 2.

(2) Time limit: warm up, 20 minutes for sharing, 5 minutes for each side, no score required. The time limit of each side of group A in formal competition is 90 minutes +30 seconds / hand (Fisher), and the time limit of group B is 90 minutes for each party. The time limit of group C and group D is 60 minutes for sharing, and then each party shall be dry for 30 minutes without any requirement for recording the spectrum.

8、Reward method:

(1) The top three of each group were awarded the award certificates and trophies, and 4-8 awarded the award certificates.

(2) Bonus (RMB before tax)

Warm up: 5000 yuan for champion, 3000 yuan for runner up, 1000 yuan for runner up, 500 yuan for 4-8

Final: 10000 yuan for group a champion, 5000 yuan for runner up, 3000 yuan for runner up, and 1000 yuan for 4-8 winners;

Group B, group C and group d won 3000 yuan, runner up 2000 yuan, Third Army 1000 yuan, 4-8 500 yuan;

The champion of online group A is 3000 yuan, the second army is 2000 yuan, and the third team is 1000 yuan;

Online group B champion 1000 yuan, runner up 600 yuan, quarter 400 yuan;

The champion of online group C and group D is 500 yuan, the second army is 300 yuan, and the second team is 200 yuan;

(3) Offline group A champions can be awarded 50000 yuan for the first prize, 20000 yuan for the second place, 10000 yuan for the third place and 5000 yuan for the fourth place to participate in the championship competition held this year (the specific regulations shall be notified separately);

(4) The winning chess player can apply for segment level according to the level of the first world open stage of Renju.

(5) This competition will select excellent organization units and excellent coaches.

(6) Each player who finishes the game will be awarded the certificate of completion of the fourth world open.

9、 Referee and Arbitration Commission

(1) The competition set up the Discipline Committee of the competition style. The Discipline Committee of the competition is responsible for the overall inspection and supervision of the discipline during the competition.

(2) The chief judge and deputy chief judge shall be appointed by the host unit. The organizer shall, according to the needs and the principle of skill, appoint the referees with experience in the execution of the decision as the work of the general assembly.

(3) The chairman and the chairman of the Arbitration Commission shall be appointed by the host unit.

(4) In case of dispute in the competition, the Arbitration Commission may submit the arbitration fee to the Arbitration Commission in writing and pay the arbitration fee of 1000 yuan, and return it after winning the lawsuit.

10、 Competition funds

(1) Competition fee: 100 yuan per person in warm-up competition, 200 yuan for each person in formal competition, self-care for accommodation and transportation expenses of participants. Board and lodging of players in other places shall be arranged by the general assembly. The standard of accommodation is 300 yuan per day for each person and for local players.

(2) During the competition, the parties shall bear the relevant safety and medical expenses.

11、 Sign up and check in

(1) All participants use electronic registration and send electronic photos, which will be sent to email before June 30, 2021: . Please note the number of rooms in the application form. The number of rooms reserved shall be subject to the receipt of the application form and all the fees. Otherwise, it will not be arranged. From the date of promulgation of these regulations, the top 100 participants will receive a special chess board of 100 yuan provided by the organizing committee.

(2) Please submit the registration fee and accommodation fee to the designated account number:

Account Name: Anji Super smart Renju Club

Bank of deposit: Anji sub branch of China Construction Bank Co., Ltd

Account No.: 330501647127000000301

Please send the electronic remittance voucher to the organizer's email (screenshot or Take photos) and keep the documents by themselves.

(3) Registration consultation and contact information

Contact person and Tel: health 13185231168

(4) Report to submit materials

One paper copy of the application form, one copy of ID card or account book.

(5) If personnel changes are required after registration, they shall be approved by the organizing committee, and no change will be accepted after the registration deadline.

12、 About traffic:

(1) Anji high speed railway station: take bus No. 208 to Anji city center station, one shift every 15 minutes, and the latest one is 17:50

(2) Hangzhou east railway station: every 30 minutes, a bus will be sent to East angi station. The latest train is 18:50

(3) Huzhou high speed railway station: one bus per hour goes to Anji Passenger Center, and the latest one is 17:20

(4) Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport has four buses to Anji, which are 11:00, 12:40, 16:40 and 18:20 respectively

(5) Shanghai Pudong Airport, take the airport line 7 to Shanghai long-distance passenger south station, and then take bus to Anji passenger transport center

(6)Anji Passenger Center is very convenient to take a taxi to the competition Hotel, which takes only 10 minutes' drive

13、The matters not covered in the competition shall be notified separately.

14、 The final interpretation right of this regulation belongs to Anji Super smart Renju Club